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800 Bloomfield Avenue                                                                      
Bloomfield, CT 06002
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

The Tax Collector's office is responsible for collecting tax revenue on all taxable property in its jurisdiction in the Town of Bloomfield. The Tax Collector's Office also collects taxes for Bloomfield's two fire districts.

Tax Collector Staff:

Jean Kitchens
Tax Collector

Jacqueline Wagner
Assistant Tax Collector

Trish Poulin
Tax Clerk II

The office of the Tax Collector is located on the first floor of the Town Hall. Click Here for the Town Hall location and public business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When are taxes due?

A: Real estate taxes over $1,000.00 are due in two installments: the first is due on July 1, and the second on January 1. Real estate tax bills under $1,000.00 and all Personal Property and Motor Vehicle tax bills are due in single installments on July 1.

Q: Where do I make my payments?

A: You can pay in person at the Office of the Tax Collector, 800 Bloomfield Avenue, on the ground floor of the Town Hall building. To avoid waiting in line, you may send your payment through the mail in the envelope provided with your tax bill. Mail your payment to:

Tax Collector
Town of Bloomfield
P.O. Box 337
(or 800 Bloomfield Avenue)
Bloomfield, CT 06002
(If making a payment by mail, please do not mail cash. If paying in person, bring in your entire tax billing statement). You may also pay your tax bill on-line using a credit or debit card. Go to and follow the link to view/pay taxes on-line. Credit or debit cards are not accepted in the Tax Office.

Q: Do you have a drop box for payments after hours?

A: Yes, there is a drop box outside of our office during the months of July and January. No cash should be placed in the drop box. No receipt is provided with drop box payments.

Q: How do I make my check out?

A: Checks should be made payable to: Tax Collector, Town of Bloomfield

Q: If I mail in my payment, can I get a receipt?

A: Yes, if you send in your entire billing statement and a self-addressed stamped envelope, we will stamp your portion of the bill and return it to you.

Q: What is the mill rate for the Town?

A: For 2013-14, the Town of Bloomfield mill rate is 34.85 mill for each thousand Dollars of assessment.