Annual Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Fianancial Report (CAFR) is the official statement of the Town's financial position on June 30, the close of the Town's fiscal year.  The report follows the suggested format of the Government Accountin Standards Board and as promoted by the Government Finance Officers Association.

The CAFR has 3 parts:  an Introductory Section - providing a brief description of the report and background information; a Financial Section - including the Independent Auditor's Report, management anayysis, basic financial statments, and supporting schedules and statements; and a Statistical Section - providing comparitive data, graphs, and other information regarding assets, funds, revenues, debts, operations, and socioeconomics.

The Town is also required to undergo annual single audits of its compliance with state and federal laws and regulations regarding funds recieved from state and federal sources.

Bloomfield's CAFR and single audit reports for fiscal year 2011 may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the links at the top of the page.  Contact the Finance Department regarding reports for previous years not available [by clicking on the link] below.